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Reducing root canal costs

We pride ourselves on efficiency which leads to cost savings. Any savings will be directly passed on to you, reflecting our dedication to providing exceptional dental care without compromising on affordability.

No more pain!

Choose pain-free root canals at Today Dental of Keller, designed to save your tooth and provide relief. Trust our expert procedure, offering comfort comparable to a standard dental check-up.

Saving time and money!

Experience quicker root canal appointments at Today Dental of Keller, where advanced dental methods reduce procedure times. Embrace more family moments by minimizing the time spent at the dental office.

Long-lasting root canals

Escape the pain with our flawless root canals! Experience unparalleled quality with our commitment to unwavering standards and materials customized for your tooth’s health and longevity.

Experienced dental professionals

Experience the perfected root canal at your Keller, Texas dental office. Our dentist’s years of dedication and continuous learning, attending countless courses, promise a more enjoyable visit with results that endure.

Conservative plan

Improve your dental visit with our commitment to conservative treatment. Discover the benefits of preserving natural tooth structure through our advanced minimally invasive root canal therapy.

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Rhiannon H.

Love this place! Great doctor, we love Dr Kirk already. The office is absolutely beautiful and super clean. Those prices can not be beat like seriously even if your self pay. I can not recommend this Place enough!!

Icey W.

I have truly enjoyed my experience with Today Dental. The staff is amazing, Dr. Merkley was very nice and explained the procedure wonderfully! Savanah did a great job with assisting us as well! I definitely recommend this company.

Jerlene M.

Recently went back to visit today because I was having some problems with my gum. Everyone was so friendly and nice. very clean environment. I would recommend today’s Dental

KhrisTopher H.

This was my first visit and I absolutely loved the way they made me feel there. The ladies were great and personable. I felt like I was in good hands with the dentist as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling anxious about a root canal?

Modern advancements have revolutionized root canals, making them a comfortable experience for most patients. Local anesthesia minimizes discomfort, and many report feeling relaxed and at ease throughout the procedure. Our compassionate team is here to guide you through the process with care and understanding.

Can a root canal weaken my tooth?

It's true that larger back teeth, especially molars, can be more susceptible to fractures after a root canal due to a loss of blood supply. However, this risk is relatively low. To address this potential concern, dentists often recommend placing a crown on back teeth after the procedure for added strength. Front teeth typically don't require crowns following a root canal.

Can I get a root canal today?

At Today Dental, we understand the importance of prompt care and getting you back to your daily routine quickly. We dedicate specific slots in our schedule for same-day root canals, aiming to get you out of pain and on the road to recovery as soon as possible. In the rare instance our office is closed, we'll collaborate with our partner clinic to ensure you receive prompt care.

I don't feel any pain, does this mean I don't need a root canal?

The absence of pain doesn't necessarily guarantee a healthy tooth. A root canal might still be necessary even when you experience no discomfort. This often indicates the tooth is already "dead" (lacking a nerve), explaining the absence of pain. However, the underlying infection within the tooth can still spread and lead to serious complications like abscesses if left untreated. Our dentists utilize advanced diagnostic tools, including X-rays, to accurately diagnose your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment option.

Extraction vs. Root Canal: Which option is right for me?

While extracting a tooth may seem like a quicker fix initially, it can often lead to greater financial burdens down the line. Replacing a missing tooth with implants or dentures can be significantly more expensive than saving the natural tooth with a root canal (and potentially a crown). Additionally, each tooth plays a vital role in maintaining the structure and function of your jaw, preventing surrounding teeth from shifting and causing misalignment. Choosing a root canal can not only save you money but also contribute to a long-term healthy and stable smile, preserving your natural teeth for optimal chewing and aesthetics.